Water Right Adjudication in the Nooksack Basin

The Ag Water Board is conducting an educational campaign for both farmers and the larger community to help understand the proposed Water Rights Adjudication in the Nooksack Basin. 


This position statement was provided Ecology earlier this year.  Unfortunately Ecology selected the Nooksack as a prime target for a future adjudication.   A recent document outlining out growing concerns is also provided.  

Whatcom Family Farmers, the Ag Water Board, and the Whatcom Conservation District have cooperated on the development of an interactive, web based, educational tool that provides timely information and a historic perspective of our local farm economy. Click here to explore the story map of our ag community.


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The Bertrand, Drayton, Laurel, North Lynden, South Lynden, and Sumas Watershed Improvement Districts (“WIDs”) have joined together to establish the AG Water Board of Whatcom County (AWB). Find out more about the individivual WIDs and current projects be clicking the links below.

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