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The WIDs are established under Chapter 87.03 RCW, which governs the creation and operation of irrigation districts.  They are authorized under RCW 87.03.019 to participate in cooperative watershed management actions and Interlocal agreements for purposes of water supply, water quality, water resource, and habitat protection and management.  

The WIDs seek to address issues of critical importance to agricultural landowners in Whatcom County including water supply, drainage, and water quality and intend to function cooperatively to create administrative efficiencies and cost savings, and to promote consistent approaches to addressing the issues that impact agricultural landowners Whatcom County.

Purpose of AWB:

To provide a forum for coordinating the actions of individual WIDs relating to addressing water supply, water quality, drainage, and other issues affecting agricultural landowners in Whatcom County;


To jointly cooperate on organizational, administrative, legal, engineering, and other services for all WIDs in a manner that will provide cost savings and efficiencies


​To represent the collective interests of the WIDs in project and policy efforts with other interests in Whatcom County and Washington State, including other local, state, tribal, federal, environmental, and agricultural entities;


To ensure transparency and accountability in the operation of the WIDs by establishing uniform procedures, education, and training opportunities for WIDs. 


​To jointly and cooperatively provide and implement any of the powers and authorities of irrigation districts allowed under Chapter 87.03 RCW, Chapter 39.34, or other applicable laws.



The AG Water Board is governed by a Board of Directors, with one member from each WID.  The AWB respects the proportional investment of each member WID by assigning votes and funding duties based on the member’s acreage.   
























Scott Bedlington was elected the initial President of the AWB, Marty Maberry serves as Vice-President.   Whatcom Family Farmers has been contracted to provide administrative and water quantity support and N3 Consulting will provide water quality and drainage support.  


The AWB plans quarterly meetings at 1pm on the 3rd Wednesday of March, June, September, and December.   Special meetings may be called as needed.   Notice of these meetings will be provided to all who are part of the WID distribution list.   AWB, as well as WID meetings, are open to all.   A request to be notified of special meetings should be directed to














Greg Ebe

Marty Maberry

Mike Boxx



Vern Vande Garde

Greg Ebe

Rich Appel

Ed Blok

Andy Enfield

Scott Bedlington

Rod Tjoelker



Vern Vande Garde

Marty Maberry



Jon Maberry

Mike Boxx


Rod Vande Hoef

Jeff De Jong

Landon Van Dyk

Terry Lenssen

Brad Rader

Kevin Te Velde

Harmon Brar

Larry Stap

Brad Rader


South Lynden

Brad Rader

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